Class Scheduling Features

Create single and bootcamp classes with features such as discounts, limits, payment options, maps, sorting and filtering.Class registration and payments are done by your clients directly into your own Paypal account.


Payment Options

A class can support 3 basic payment types; “pay later”, “pay now”, and payment with a Class Pass. When a class is created, you can enable it to use any or all payment types.

Any payments made when a client signs up for class are automatically made directly to your own Paypal account

Easy Class Create/Edit

Create and edit single or bootcamp classes quickly and easily.

Classes support a title, location, dates and times, trainer, payment options, cleint discounts and class limits.

Email Notifications

Class Cancelled? No Problem. When you cancel a class MyClassPro can email all attendees to let them know with the click of a button.

Schedule email class reminders sent to your class attendees. Setup a “welcome to class” email for new registrants or automatic reminders to new clients that have registered, but not yet signed up for a class.

Embedded or Not

MyClassPro supports both client pages that let your clients register with your service and signup for classes, plus you can embed class lists and schedules directly into your own website. Client side pages can be update or modified to suite your needs using our built in CMS.

Whenever your update your classes or schedule, it’s automatically reflected on your client and your embedded schedules. There’s no need to update your Google calendar or to call your web developer to update your site.

Other Great Features

MyClassPro provides additional features such as automatic attendance limits, unpaid class signup cancellation plus location maps too!


Client Features

The heart of your business is your client. MyClassPro helps keep your client list organized for quick access.From their initial health questionnaire and registration, right through to class signup and payment, MyClassPro keeps your client information a click away.


Transaction Records

Whenever a client pays for a class or makes a purchase, MyClassPro records the transaction in the clients transaction log. You can view a history of your clients’ payments without the need to search thru old Paypal emailed invoices.

Health Registration Form

With the Advanced Service Plan, MyClassPro provides you with a free custom health questionnaire form that your clients must fill out as part of their registration process.

View a sample of a default and advanced registration form.

Open For Business 24/7

With MyClassPro you can take class signups 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. No need to be chained to voicemail or the phone. MyClassPro automates a large part of the client signup and management process so you can focus on building your business and avoid routine distractions.

Client Discounts

MyClassPro supports two types of discounts, “Member Discounts” and “Code Word Discounts”. Member Discounts let you give a discount to any of your clients that can be used for their next signup. It’s a great way to give a client a referral discount for their next class signup.

Code Word Discounts are discounts that any member can get providing they enter the proper discount code when they signup for a class.

Code Word Discounts can be enabled or disable on a class-by-class basis.

Fast Client Lookup

Find clients quickly, then view their profile, transactions, class signups and discount history.

Easy Refunding and Collection

Know who cancelled their class signup and when. This makes implementing a refund policy a snap.

Know who paid for class and who didn’t at a glance. This makes is a snap to implement a refund policy since you know exactly when a client cancelled their class signup.


MyClassPro provides subscription signups integrated with Paypal. You can specify a trial period, a payment period and expiration date for each subscription you create. When a client signs up for your subscription service, they are automatically associated with a “subscription” class pass that they can use to sign up for any classes you offer. Whenever a subscription payment is triggered, their class pass is credited with the subscription amount.


For those trainers that provide client evaluations, you can manage and save your evaluation data for each client providing a historic snapshot of each clients progress.

You can create whatever evaluation metrics you monitor, and store each metrics data point for each client on a periodic basis. Clients can view their evaluation forms directly from their client login area and gain a historic perspective on the progress they are making.



Your MyClassPro account provides automatic and manual email to your clients. Copy & Paste HTML code makes it a snap to build a mailing list.



As you build a client list, it’s important to stay in touch. MyClassPro has a built in email system that will let you email individual clients, clients attending specific classes, clients whose birthdays fall in the current month as well as non-members who have signed up for your mailing list.


RSS Feed

Your MyClassPro account automatically includes an RSS feed of your class schedule. Your RSS feed is accessible from your client side pages or available as a copy/paste link.


Embedded Schedule

You can embed you class schedule directly into you website by adding a few lines of HTML code we provide you. There are two themes, a default theme (white background) and a black theme (black background obviously) that you can choose from


Build Your Mailing List

MyClassPro supports a double opt-in mailing list signup. We provide you with HTML you can copy to any website or blog to enable mailing list signup.

We also take care of bounces and unsubscribes for you automatically, so you don’t run afoul of any anti-SPAM regulations.

Your Control Panel

Manage clients and schedules from your account control panel.The days of comparing invoices, emails and spreadsheets are over. All your class and client information is consolidated for you in one single location. No more bouncing from program to program.



The overview provides you with monthly snapshot of activity. The overview provides you with how many clients you have, how many have been approved for class signup and what your class attendance numbers are.

Quick Links

Instead of hunting around to find a service, you can quickly access the more commonly used pages that most trainers visit such as scheduling a class, emailing clients, viewing class signups, etc.


From your control panel you have access to a variety of reports. MyClassPro provides you with reports for new member signups, unpaid class cancellations, unpaid class signups, upcoming birthdays, bounces and more.


Charts provide a graphic overview of your business performance. You can see how many clients you’re signing up per month, how many are registering, how many class signups you had, plus more.