Advanced Service $54.95/month

Easily paid for with less than the cost of a single class signup, you can automate your class schedule and class signups, including features such as unlimited email, newsletters, discounts, class passes, automatic waiting lists, a custom health questionnaire and more!
View a complete feature list here.
Save Even More

After your FREE trial, if you prepay for 6 months on the Advanced Plan, your monthly rate drops to $49.95 per month. That’s only $1.66 per day!
Prepay for 1 year and we’ll slash the price even more to $44.95 per month. A SUPER SAVINGS OF ONLY $1.50 per day!!

Both the Basic and Advanced plan include our UNCONDITIONAL IRONCLAD MONEY BACK guarantee….

“MyClassPro will refund you the unused portion of any payments you make if you decide to terminate your account,