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The term "" or "us" or "we" refers to the owner of the website whose registered office is 23316 Redmond-Fall City Rd #552, Redmond,WA,98053. The term "you" refers to the user or viewer of our website. The term "account holder" refers to a business or individual that has an account with The term "Member" refers to a member or client of one of the account holders.

We do not sell, distribute or share your email or any of your personally identifiable information. We do not collect and store any credit card information. Any payments made as a result of using are redirected to, a secure and popular payment processing website used by millions.

We do not partner or use any 3rd party ad services or content delivering services.

With respect to sensitive information, we will redirect the user to a secure page either on our site, or to a trusted 3rd party site before transferring or receiving sensitive data. This information may include credit card or banking information, medical information, or other sensitive information.

For questions regarding our privacy policy or website in general, please contact;, 23316 Redmond-Fall City Rd #552, Redmond,WA,98053

Information we collect

For visitors to our website we collect:

  • Aggregate (General Tracking) information about pages that users visit on our site.
  • Any information given to us by users that contact us via a "contact us" form, survey, etc.

For account holders and their members, we collect the following information:

  • Account Holders: Name, Postal Address, Email, Phone
  • Members and clients of account holders: Name, Email, Phone, Address, Emergency Contact Information, and a variety of health questions as required by account holders. Any personal and/or health related information is not used by MyClassPro for any purpose, nor is any of said information shared by with any third party or partner site for any reason. Health related information is stored by MyClassPro, but is solely used by account owners for their own purposes and are governed by account holdes own privacy policy. Please check with MyClassPro account holders for their policies regarding any information you might provide to said account holders via the MyClassPro website.

How is this information used by

Private and personal information is stored in each users private account area. The account holder and member can gain access to their account via a user email and password. Account holders have access to the members private and personal information with the exception of the members password. Passwords are the responsibility of the account holder and/or member. Please safegueard it. All personal information can be changed and/or updated by account holders and their members of


Some account holders may be franchised organizations that are required to provide information to the franchise owning organization. If you are a member of a franchised training facility and/or group, please check with the owner ( trainer/account holder) to see what information, if any, they may report to the their franchise owning organizations. MyClassPro is not responsible for how your private information may be used by MyClassPro account holders (trainers) and you should check their privacy policy for specific terms.

Cookies makes use of cookies to manage and maintain your session with the website while you are logged in. No personally identifiable information is stored in cookies.


We do not distribute of share your information unless legally compelled to by legitimate authorities.

Unauthorised use of this website may give to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offence.

The privacy policy is subject to change without notice. Please check back often and review it carefully